DOC Pizza

2Amys opened in September 2001 as the first D.O.C. certified pizzeria in the Washington DC area.  Since then, we have served tens of thousands of screaming children and their parents, with an ever expanding menu of wood fired pizza, house cured meats, salads, farm/sometimes fresh vegetables, and the most extensive selection of salt cured anchovies on the East Coast.  We have a wide selection of Southern Italian wines, as well as wines on tap made just for us by one of California's most talented winemakers.  And yes, we have beer too, as well as ice cream made daily by one of the Amys.


In 1998 the Italian government formally recognized Neapolitan pizza as a traditional food worthy of preservation and granted it D.O.C (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) status, which specifies the legally permitted ingredients and methods of preparation necessary to produce authentic Neapolitan Pizza. Only soft-grain flour, fresh yeast, water, and sea salt may be used for the dough, and only Italian plum tomatoes, mozzarella di ufala, extra-virgin olive oil and fresh basil or dried oregano may be used for the toppings. Fresh garlic may only be used on the Pizza Marinara. All Neapolitan pizzas must be cooked in a wood-burning oven. The Verace Pizza Napoletana Association was established to protect and promote authentic Neapolitan pizza and defend its Neapolitan origins and traditions. As a member of the Association, we abide by these strict requirements and serve D.O.C. pizza. We hope you enjoy it.